This page was originally written in the late 1980's, and updated in 2001.

About the Buckle Tree

The Buckle Tree has produced Commemorative Bike Week Buckles for Sturgis since 1982, and for Daytona from 1983-1996. Prior to 1982, we sold belts and buckles at Bike Week for two years. During that time, we became addicted to the Bike Week High that beckons us all back each year. Like any addiction, when the high wore off, we missed it. We had our souvenir T-shirt each year to remind us of the good times, but it just wasn't a good enough tribute to the euphoric feeling Bike Week gives us all. The Bike Week phenomenon deserved more! To be immortalized in metal.

A pin was one answer, but it just wasn't enough. Bike Week demands a more prominent tribute. Something that would stand out on, and be part of the biker uniform (jeans,boots and leathers). A symbol that all bikers would proudly wear. A belt buckle that would capture and honor our Bike Week memories forever.


Since 1982, the artwork, design, and masterful sculpturing of the buckles we have produced truly celebrates the memory of each Bike Week. As the demand for our Bike Week buckles grew each year, so did the popularity and collectors value of the matched collections. After the first four buckles for Daytona and Sturgis were produced, solid oak and walnut plaques were made to display each collection. Our commemorative buckles have become more than a tribute to wear, the collectors value has made them a part of Bike Week history.

Each of our limited edition buckles are numbered and registered with records of ownership maintained as carefully as vehicle titles. To insure the greatest increase in collectors value over the years, we reserve individual buckle numbers for owners each year and encourage customers to order their buckles by mail or internet so they will have a matched collection. A matched collection is, and always will be, more valuable than an unmatched.

This dedication to value, and uncomprimised artistry in metal, has made collecting our commemorative buckles a Bike Week tradition.


At the request of many buckle customers, we started printing T-shirts. The response was so overwhelming that, in 2001, we expanded our operations with the acquisition of a new automated screen printer. The new equipment allows us to increase production, improve quality, and expand our creative capabilities. We do mostly rally-related shirts, but we also do custom screen printing.

We not only do T-shirts and commemorative buckles, we also do coffee mugs, caps, and other rally souveniors. All of which can be seen at our online Sturgis Rally Store.

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